Sunday, October 25, 2009


ahha~ now one of the suspects of previous case have been caught by the policemen last night. super sapiens (bkn nama sebenar) caught when he was flying around bukit keluang. the policeman on duty, en.sahak gamat saw him flying and hanging around pantai bukit keluang to find another victims.                                                              he tried hard to run away from the policemen but he fell down to the earth because forgot to add fuel. as he flying above, he taught that his tank was still full. so pity... the policemen caught him during his fallen. now, policemen are finding out his friend whom involved in the kidnapped. super sapiens didn't want to gave information about his friend so that the policemen will take action to punished him by cut down his 'sayap'..                                                                                                                                                                                  -bernama-


lostkid news !!!

BESUT, 25 Oct 2009 - there was a tragedy occurred at Bukit Keluang near Teachers' Training Institute last night. A kid (picture) , harun haruan was kidnapped by strangers after hanging out with his friends at the seaside. the incident happened when his two other friends leaved him alone to go to the toilet nearby. when they came back to harun, he was lost !! they felt so scared after harun's lost. they quickly went to the police station for report. they told to the policeman on duty that they had seen three strangers smoked outside a van. the strangers were the most suspected fellow because they haven't seen anyone else there. more over, the suspects looked like a criminal on newspapers before.

the crime scene investigation (CSI) now investigate this kidnapped because there are 4 other cases similar like this happened in that particular area. the head chief leader, en.kob warn to all parents for take care of their children and take their eyes of their children 24 seven.

anyone who have any information can make a police report at the nearby police station or log on to that, the informers also can contact harun's lovely siblings and twin, ariff aizuddin for any information. ariff was too upset for his brother lost. he thanked to anyone who gives information.

los n faun.

royalty vs love

look at the picture.. there's 4 men (for sure) there..
the 1st man on the left is me, (paras pinggang) , gorila goncang , epako , and the one and only the loser between 4 of us.. lee cobra !!

this picture was captured long time ago during the battle between us for our sake of life.. we had to compete each other to win the princess heart..

before the battle began , we shook each other hands for the last time before being enemies.. moreover , we were too closed before. but , because of LOVE.. peoples fight !! why should this happened to us..?? hmm~ i don't have the answer till now.. only GOD knows why.. maybe because the princess mean lots to us..

look at gorila goncang , he was the favorite  fighter  among us..  because he was big and strong like a blue hyppo. hahha~ and epako- who was the marshal art heroes also one of the favorite.. what about me and cobra ??? cobra was the son of the greatest SAGA, the lord of elf which got the strongest power in this world.. me?? huh~ there's no need to fear.. even though i had nothing.. but the power of  love were everything.. because of love , i could win.. because of love , i dared faced off friendship.. and because off love.. i got nothing !!!

now, it's all finished.. i had lost my friends and love.. why could this happened to me.. why????? i don't have the answer.. at least not to share.. because if i share them , you wouldn't care.. let by gone be by gone.. love mean nothing !! because of love my friends were killed.. sorry friends.. rest in peace!! to princess.. when the timing is right , wait till the times come.. happiness no more..

Friday, October 23, 2009

journey of life..

one mission..
one destination..

Money vs Love:

Sensual Board Games Reviews
The money factor is one of the most common sources of contention in a relationship. How you deal with hard times can either make or break you as a couple. While we as a nation may be in a time of economic hardship, your relationship doesn't need to suffer because of it. With a little creativity and these three rules, you can use this as an opportunity to strengthen the friendship and intimacy that binds you together as a couple.

Rule #1: Your Relationship Always Comes First
When dealing with any type of stressful situation, it's important to remember that you are a couple. What one person says or does affects the other. If you're stressed out, make sure you're talking about it with your partner. Don't bottle it up and expect things to "just get better." Your partner knows when something's up, so get rid of the guesswork and talk it through together. Two heads are always better than one when it comes to creative thinking.

Rule #2: Keep Having Fun
It's easy to let things in the fun department slide when life starts to get stressful. However, this is a crucial mistake. It's these types of situations where laughter and emotional escapes from your daily life are needed most. A little ingenuity may be just what you needed to "look on the bright side" and find a solution or different perspective for your current situation. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

  • Water Gun Fight
  • Game Night
  • Spend the Night Coloring
  • Test Drive Cars
  • Rearrange Furniture In Your House
  • Start A Garden
  • Photograph Each Other
  • Collage a "Dream Board"
  • Picnic and People Watch
  • Design Your Ideal Home

Rule #3: Have A Common Goal
To keep a group of people focused in the same direction, they have to have a common goal they are working towards. The same is true for a couple in a relationship. If you are both aimlessly living your everyday life without direction, it's quite likely you'll end up either in different places or somewhere you didn't want to be. Have a talk together and talk about your one year, five year, and ten year goals and ideals. You need to have something you are both working towards together, even if it's something as simple as planning a summer vacation or getting a new car.

miles... distance.. long..

With miles between us I wonder how you are
What you’re dreaming about and
If you need anything

I can almost feel your hand in mine
And hear your heartbeat as
I remember us

When I'm in your arms
I never want to leave and
I wish for the next time I'll have you in mine

I stare into your eyes while I can
You look away and
I hope you're thinking of me.

Healing whispers of reality..

Dawn’s pink cheeks
leaned warm onto my eyes
causing me to sigh.
A veil of melancholy
clung to my thoughts
like a shred of morning fog
entangled in willow boughs.

Quietly you came to me
with whispers of reality
to lift my chin so caringly.
A few tears fell and gathered
within the palms of your hands,
where they froze into crystal beads
eternalized by your sidereal gaze.

I wear them now linked together
by the unalterable wire of our love.
Their light reverberates in our eyes
to eternally symbolize
the oneness of our hearts
even though at times
we roam around different stars.

Our inner senses will always show
the right way leading back home
to enjoy the fruits of our own Eden
in the sweetest awareness of our souls.